Meet Stephanie from Huntsteader

Let’s dig in, get messy & rediscover ancestral wisdom so that we can live abundantly.

I grew up in a small Canadian village roaming the dirt roads wild, free and rooted in simplicity. I moved to the city to pursue my university education and its never felt like home. My husband and I became accidental urban ‘huntsteaders’ while living in the city. This is a lifestyle that can be lived from anywhere! 

We can’t wait to experience an abundant life in the country. Until then you will find us out on hunting, foraging & gardening adventures that bring tranquility to our hearts and stock our house with food for the winter. 

I was drinking out of jars long before it was trendy. For the past 10+ years I’ve been learning how to replace processed foods with nourishing whole foods that taste delicious. Cooking from scratch, fermenting, culturing, gardening, dehydrating, canning, and tincturing is my sugar-free jam. 

I’m passionate about ‘real’ food & my body thanks me for it. My friends and family have encouraged me to share my knowledge. So here I am excited to share what I’ve learned and continue this journey with you my friend. 

A few Fun Facts About Me

I was the only person in my grade in my little house on the prairie elementary school.

I’ve been struck by lightning, hit by a bus and charged by a bear. Three truths & no lie.

I love coffee and would drink it all day if I could. You can find all kinds of healthy afternoon alternatives in my coffee cup on my Instagram page stories. 

I spent my summers in University managing a swimming pool in the Yukon. Kluane national park was my backyard and I rode my bike everywhere in grizzly country. 

Follow to build real food systems for your home that work alongside a 9-5 job. When I started I found so many resources with healthy how-to’s but what was missing were systems that could make this lifestyle possible for me while working full-time. In the beginning, I spent so many hours in the kitchen, and as much as I love it, it’s important to live all your life dreams outside the kitchen as well. I share new content every week here on the blog and YouTube channel. 

Stephanie Serblowski wearing apron demonstrating strength in her kitchen.

Hello! I’m Stephanie Marie, wife, real food enthusiast, and lover of animal fats. Follow along for tips on how to get it all done in the kitchen alongside a busy life or 9-5 job. Feel amazing as your body is transformed by nourishing food the way that our ancestors made it.